Opportunities (Let’s Make Not So Much Money)

One of the random things that pops up in The Sims 3 are Opportunities. These can come from work, an acquaintance or based on your reputation/skills. They give various rewards when completed, sometimes including good old-fashioned moola. As Ferris has continued to cook, his skill has improved to the point where he actually successfully prepared waffles that were not burned black. Hooray!

Waffles, not scorched!

This, in part, led to him getting asked to make a group dinner for some neighbor and deliver it. I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I think I lacked a proper group recipe or ingredients or something. All I know is Ferris never runs out of cereal or waffles but neither is apparently acceptable for a group of party guests at the neighbor’s. Oh well.

Eating and dousing flames

Continuing on the food theme, Ferris’s eventual success with waffles may have made him overconfident, for his next meal ended up with the stove on fire. As you might imagine, this is not a good thing, as expressed by Ferris’s reaction below.

A little too well-done.

Fortunately, Ferris keeps his cell phone in his boxer shorts and called the fire department immediately. He then ate ice cream on the couch for dinner instead.

After the fire, ice cream.

After a few stove-free days I relented and bought a replacement stove. There was an upgrade option to make it fireproof, so I tried that. It consists of Ferris banging away on it for a very long time. This is still a work in progress. I’m willing to bet there will be another fire before it’s done.

Buying a new stove put a dent in the Wheele household budget but fortunately Ferris got promoted at work.

Quite the promotion.

Bed Pan Cleaner! Still, money is money and more money means he’ll have the funds for when the refrigerator explodes or whatever happens next.

Along with the promotion, Ferris got some new work clothes. I did not get to choose the color.

Pretty in pink.

Things went so swimmingly at work that Ferris soon got promoted again to paramedic. Apparently the skills needed to clean bedpans transfer directly over to saving people’s lives. Who knew? His paramedic outfit is not pink.

The write way and the wrong way

With the new stove and the career going well, it was time to get Ferris back on his lifelong wish to be a famous author. He resumed work on The Loneliest Yeti and finished it, earning a few royalty checks. He also completed a painting (painting makes Ferris very very happy for some reason — I suspect he is getting high on the fumes from the oil paints) and sold it for $12. Not bad and possibly more than a black velvet Elvis would get these days. His writing skill reached level 4, good enough to have someone ask to have him write a biography for her. I cannot figure out how to do this, as there’s no option at the computer, so I may be missing something here. He also got the opportunity to meet with a chef due to his cooking skills (news of the stove fire did not get out, I guess). He went to the chef’s house, learned a few new recipes but the chef was a very serious man and Ferris’s jokes didn’t play well. The chef actually became angry and Ferris got the heck out of there before he got punched in the jaw or worse.

The Stiles Project

And then we come back to Stiles. The game informed me that Stiles no longer considered Ferris a friend because they hadn’t chatted for a few days. Talk about clingy. Still, Stiles was his only friend, so Ferris called and invited him over. Then they danced.


I’m not sure why Ferris is thinking about painting while he dances. Probably the fumes again.

The dancing seemed to evolve (or devolve, if you prefer) into a strange sort of interpretive thing.

Squat dancing

Later, Ferris cooked a fire-free dinner but as he has no dining table, they had to sit on the couch to eat. Not ideal but Stiles didn’t seem to mind. As the night marched on, they chatted some more and Stiles thought Ferris was flirting. Naturally, I then had Ferris flirt, which is one of the convenient actions you can choose. How did it go? See below.

A different kind of kitchen fire.

This is also an action you can choose, named Amorous Hug. Stiles felt things were going so well he asked Ferris to move in with him.

The move offer

However, it turned out that Stiles lived with five other roommies in a big house and Ferris is too independent to deal with that kind of situation. Plus the stove was still only 23% fireproof. It’s practically his other major lifetime goal right now. There’s no way he can leave that unfinished. Fortunately, Stiles did not show any visible reaction to the rejection of the move offer.

Ferris then invited Stiles to stay the night (the tramp) and Stiles accepted. However, Ferris only has a single bed so Stiles spent most of the night shifting around between the rooms reading books, playing on the computer and briefly sleeping on the kitchen floor, collapsed there from exhaustion. He left before morning to get to work but didn’t seem put off.

The final event of this episode was Ferris reaching his first life milestone. That means when the current day rolls over he will go from being a Young Adult to an Adult. Although he seems to be doing well in most ways, the lack of an actual table to eat on is a bit embarrassing at this point. I’m going to see how much it costs to add a room onto the house. Plus, it may make something explode or burst into flames.