The Simple life of Ferris Wheele, Part 1

I bought The Sims 3 when it came out over a year ago and like most games let it promptly gather dust. It seems I’m more a collector than a player.

That said, I recently re-installed and patched the game and decided to give it another go. I like sandbox games as a rule, so being able to create and manipulate some poor slob’s world has an undeniable appeal to me.

I created a young adult Sim named Ferris Wheele. I’m a sucker for bad names, so I make no apologies here. Ferris was given five traits, ranging from Good Sense of Humor to Artistic. His favorite color is blue. His favorite food is sushi. He loves computers and longs to become a world famous author. He seems very easily excited.

Ferris wants a PC

After being given $16,000 in starter funds, I bought Ferris a dumpy little house in Sunset Valley for about 12 grand and moved him in. The tutorial advised that Ferris wanted a couch. As the house was unfurnished, I bought him a couch and had him sit on it. This made him happy. Ferris is a simple man.

He then wanted to go grocery shopping because there was a 20% off special that day at the store. Apparently Ferris is psychic, too. So I went and bought him food fit for a king:

Mmm, tuna and apple

An impoverished king banished from his kingdom, that is. Hey, I needed to save money for the rest of his house’s furniture. Ferris has no job!

After buying the groceries Ferris bumped into Stiles, another young man. Ferris told him amusing stories and made funny faces. Stiles was entertained and I think they may be friends now. Aw.

Once home, I bought a desk, chair and computer so Ferris could begin his writing career. Instead he sat down and began playing a computer game.

All work and no play make Ferris something something

With barely enough food for a single meal, a nearly unfurnished house, no job and no prospects, Ferris was very happy. Ferris is a strange man. I fear his bubble is going to burst soon.

Next time: Ferris and his wishes, trying to get a job and having a shower.

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