Treadmill walk: Blergh

All day my allergies have been hammering me and I also feel vaguely like I am coming down with a cold, though I’m not sure where I might have picked up a cold from. I hardly ever swipe my fingers across virus-laden surfaces then vigorously rub my eyes afterward.

Maybe I will feel better in the morning.

Anyway, I found tonight’s “must complete all three rings and keep streak going” workout to be, well, a workout. I felt tired and off and here are the stats:

Pace: 9:29/km (9:20 km/h)
Time: 30:04 (30:06)
Distance: 3.17 km (3.22 km)
Calories burned: 280 (282)
BPM: 133 (135)

Treadmill walk: Obligation walk

I was somewhat lazy today, plus it was coming down in proverbial buckets outside and was unseasonably cool, to boot. By early evening I was once again faced with having to either get off my butt and hit the treadmill or fail to meet my daily activity goals.

As has happened more often of late, guilt won out and I did half an hour on the treadmill. Acting a bit in reverse, I finished stronger than I started, mostly, I think, to the music getting peppier toward the end. It was also a faster workout than on Monday, which is nice.


Pace: 9:20/km (9:32 km/h)
Time: 30:06 (30:14)
Distance: 3.22 km (3.17 km)
Calories burned: 282 (266)
BPM: 135 (128)

Treadmill walk: Monday decisions

I had three choices after work today:

  • Go out for a walk/run
  • Do 30 minutes on the treadmill
  • Do nothing, perhaps find some chocolate something to eat

I felt lazy (it is Monday after all), but not that lazy, so I ended up choosing the second option. I was fairly plodding for the first two km, perhaps because of the Mondayness of the situation, but picked it up a little to round out the exercise. Nothing special to report, save for sweating a whole lot less due to that pokiness (BPM was also accordingly down). I went back to listening to music as I couldn’t find an easy way to queue up YouTube videos to watch (also the YouTube app is kind of bad/janky). Maybe I should have watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (I ended up doing that over dinner).


Pace: 9:32/km (9:22 km/h)
Time: 30:14 (30:11)
Distance: 3.17 km (3.22 km)
Calories burned: 266 (288)
BPM: 128 (135)

Treadmill walk: One of these days I’ll go outside again

Maybe tomorrow! The forecast calls for light rain, which is just the sort of thing to keep people–and maybe even a few dog owners–off the trails. Not that I’m anti-people, I just like having lots of room to run. Yeah.

Tonight’s workout was slightly different in that I started out listening to music, then decided to watch YouTube videos instead, since I’m subbed to a thousand tech and creative channels and only watch any of them sporadically. It worked out well. I watched Snazzy Labs’ longer take on the recent Apple iPhone 12 event and I absolutely adore Quinn Nelson’s delivery. He does deadpan so well. After the video ended I listened to more music (I am still working through my entire song list alphabetically–I’m up to the E’s now) because trying to pull up additional videos while walking very fast on a steeply-inclined treadmill is…tricky. Maybe Siri can help. Or just start pulling up random stuff, which is almost as likely.

One other thing I’ll note is how delightful it was to have my AirPods seamlessly switch from the iPhone to the iPad Pro and back again. This is one of those little things Apple does so well. It’s inspired me to start a Good Design category on the blog to counter the negative of the Bad Design one.

Anyway, the workout itself was fine. I started slow, got very fast, the ended a bit slower, so apparently Snazzy Labs is very motivational for exercise. The stats are pretty similar to what I usually see, as you may observe below (the workout went on slightly longer because I got distracted by the music at the end, which is a pretty rare thing itself):

Pace: 9:22/km (9:27 km/h)
Time: 30:11 (30:06)
Distance: 3.22 km (3.18 km)
Calories burned: 288 (281)
BPM: 135 (133)

Treadmill walk: Less lazy

Tonight I tired to really focus away from the display–both on the treadmill and on the watch, allowing my mind to wander around instead of obsessively checking whatever my current pace was. It mostly worked!

My pace was a little better and my BPM was a little lower, both good things. Distracted walking works. Or at least it did, in a small way, tonight.


Pace: 9:27/km (9:30 km/h)
Time: 30:06 (30:03)
Distance: 3.18 km (3.16 km)
Calories burned: 281 (296)
BPM: 133 (139)

Treadmill walk: Payment for lazy

I was slothful today and by evening I had to weigh the guilt of being lazy and failing to reach all but my stand goal vs. having to overcome the laziness and do a treadmill workout.

In the end I did the workout, though the last km I started to plod a little (and sweat a lot). But still, I did not surrender entirely to being lazy, so yay for me.


Pace: 9:30/km (9:16 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (40:03)
Distance: 3.16 km (4.32 km)
Calories burned: 296 (358)
BPM: 139 (134)

Treadmill walk: The wind blows

With wind warnings in effect I opted to not go for a walk/run after work because I don’t have being clobbered up the side of the head by flying branches.

And because I had been somewhat slothful today, I worked out for 40 minutes instead of 30, hence the differences in the stats below (though pace was only a little off, really). It was a good workout, though. I wore a muscle shirt and felt macho.

Pace: 9:16/km (9:12 km/h)
Time: 40:03 (30:03)
Distance: 4.32 km (3.26 km)
Calories burned: 358 (297)
BPM: 134 (139)

Treadmill walk: At day’s end

I spent all day inside cleaning and organizing but alas, this was not quite enough to complete my rings, so I contemplated walking outside in the dark or hitting the treadmill and the treadmill won. Not that I’m afraid of walking in the dark, it’s just most of the streets here have poor lighting and I have poor night vision to go along with it.

I was surprisingly spry and for some reason decided to leave my shirt on (I usually take it off indoors where my shocking white flesh won’t blind innocent bystanders). While it did make for a slightly warmer run, the shirt actually kept a lot of the sweat from running all over, so I may have to go topmore (?) again.

As the stats below show, I was in the groove tonight, which kind of surprised me. But I’ll take it.

Pace: 9:12/km (9:29 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (30:06)
Distance: 3.26 km (3.17 km)
Calories burned: 297 (286)
BPM: 139 (136)

Treadmill walk: Yes, it’s raining again

To quote Supertramp.

And so I hit the treadmill for my daily exercise and found the stand on my fan was put on backwards after cleaning it (my bad), meaning it was pointing too high to keep me cool, so I had to pause the exercise to stuff a towel under it and get it aimed at my body instead of the very top of my head.

Once that was done, I was mostly good and turned in a typical performance, as the stats below attest (previous workout in brackets, as always).

Pace: 9:29/km (9:26 km/h)
Time: 30:06 (30:05)
Distance: 3.17 km (3.18 km)
Calories burned: 286 (290)
BPM: 136 (138)

Treadmill walk: Smoke edition

Because with the entire west coast on fire and the smoke heading north (here), going for an outdoor walk or run right now seems ill-advised.

I was actually not feeling that great today, a combination of allergies, smoke and who knows what else, but I figured at the very least a treadmill workout would clear my sinuses for awhile. and it did. For awhile.

I tried my Blaux portable AC thinger and it provided minimal cooling. The Vornado fan, set to High, is much more effective at keeping me cool, because moving lots of air helps more than slowly cooling all the air.

In terms of performance, it was very similar to the last workout on August 31st.


Pace: 9:26/km (9:28 km/h)
Time: 30:05 (30:03)
Distance: 3.18 km (3.17 km)
Calories burned: 290 (300)
BPM: 138 (139)

Treadmill walk: Unplanned

I opted for a nice relaxing bath instead of a walk/run after work, and dinner ran late, so it was past 9 o’clock before I could do any exercise. I debated going for a walk in the dark, but in the end I just didn’t feel up to it. Instead, I hit ye olde treadmill and did a 30 minute workout. I was a bit slow, but this was in line with how I felt. I was not really feeling it in any respect today and will be glad when the day is done.

The previous stats are from my August 20th workout.

Pace: 9:28/km (9:19 km/h)
Time: 30:05 (30:03)
Distance: 3.17 km (3.22 km)
Calories burned: 300 (293)
BPM: 139 (140)

Treadmill walk: It rained again

The last time I was on the treadmill was on July 11, when it rained.

It rained again today, so instead of my now customary one hour after-work walk, I hit ye olde treadmill. I actually felt pretty energetic, so I guess all of the walking is paying off. My heel, which is still sore (exciting update very soon) held up without issue, at least as I type this a short time after finishing the workout.

I accidentally tracked this as an indoor run rather than an indoor walk, but it doesn’t seem to have affected anything, other than making it look like a rather sluggish run.

As you can see, I was a bit zippier (beating the official treadmill pace of 9:13/km, which assumes an incline of zero, not 10), burned a few more calories and had a marginally higher BPM, which is pretty much a rounding error.

I also continued my alphabetical music listening and have now made my way into the B’s. I skipped a few ore songs than usual because walking on the treadmill requires peppier tunes than walking outside. You know how it is.

The stats:

Pace: 9:19/km (9:22 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (30:03)
Distance: 3.22 km (3.20 km)
Calories burned: 293 (318)
BPM: 140 (146)