Treadmill walk: Insurance not needed

Concerned that the weather might not be nice and I would turn into a couch potato for much of the day, I opted for a noon hour workout on the usual settings, but stretched it out from the usual thirty minutes to forty. This allowed me to complete both my exercise and move rings early, clearing the way for some serious couch potatodom.

But instead, Nic and I went for a long picture-taking excursion through Hume Park, down the Brunette River and partway up the loop at Burnaby Lake. As I type this I sit at 21.04 km walked (26,415 steps).

The walk on the treadmill, meanwhile, went well and I felt peppy, maintaining a good pace for the first three km before flagging a wee bit in the final stretch.

The stats are boosted where expected with the extra distance, and it was nice to see the extra time did not result in any real change in BPM (ie. not higher) and my pace was technically better, too. Overall, another pleasing result, and I kept my exercise streak going.

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:29/km (9:30 km/h)
Time: 40:02 (30:04)
Distance: 4.22 km (3.16 km)
Calories burned: 431 (320)
BPM: 145 (144)

Treadmill walk: A very brief experiment

For today’s noon workout I thought I would try an experiment, by setting the incline from the usual 10 (steep) to zero (very much not steep) and see what difference it made in terms of energy expended. After a minute of this I had burned a whopping four calories, so I was putting in a little over a third of the effort. I no longer had to hang on for dear life. I probably could have started dancing a jig. I set the incline to 10 and finished the workout as I normally would.

I made sure to add some extra zip to the closing stretch of the workout and was rewarded for my effort.

The stats show the difference, with everything improved over the last workout. Even the BPM was marginally better.

I am pleased.

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:30/km (9:44 km/h)
Time: 30:04 (30:04)
Distance: 3.16 km (3.08 km)
Calories burned: 320 (311)
BPM: 144 (145)

Treadmill walk: Odd

Odd because I usually finish strong, but the last workout was the opposite and today, I felt for sure I finished stronger on the last km but was in fact slower.

I have no explanation for this.

But I did sweat a lot. And I am two for two on my 30 minutes of exercise each day thing, so that’s good.

The stats are mostly worse than yesterday, though. Bluh, I sez.

Speed: 6.5 km/h (6.0)
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:44/km (9:41 km/h)
Time: 30:04 (30:03)
Distance: 3.08 km (3.10 km)
Calories burned: 311 (300)
BPM: 145 (140)

Treadmill walk: 30 today, 30 everyday (or bust)

Starting, let’s say…today, I am committing to a 30-minute workout every day. Yes, all seven of them, every day that ends in “day.” That workout could be any of the following:

  • treadmill walk
  • treadmill run
  • outdoor walk
  • outdoor run
  • 30 minutes of pushups. Actually, this would probably cripple me.

Today I did a 30-minute treadmill walk. It went fine, though I actually got slower as the walk progressed, which is the opposite of what usually happens. I don’t have any particular explanation for this.

The stats are all slightly worse than the previous walk, except for BPM, which was down a wee bit due to me not trying as hard. Maybe I was weighed down by the ravioli I ate last night.

It was good ravioli.

Speed: 6.5 km/h (6.0)
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:41/km (9:34 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (30:05)
Distance: 3.10 km (3.14 km)
Calories burned: 300 (321)
BPM: 140 (143)

Treadmill walk: Journey to pi

I did another lunchtime walk on the treadmill. Nothing unusual to report. I reverted to the 6.5 speed setting and did not collapse into a ball. I sweated decently.

The pi was achieved by covering 3.14 km. Mmm, pi…

The increased speed increased also increased all my stats, including BPM, though not to an alarming degree. This is closer to my usual treadmill workouts, which is nice to see in my current flabbo state.

The stats:

Speed: 6.5 km/h (6.0)
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:34/km (9:54 km/h)
Time: 30:05 (30:04)
Distance: 3.14 km (3.04 km)
Calories burned: 321 (272)
BPM: 143 (136)

Treadmill walk: So sore

A day after doing a 5K run and a lot of walking for the first time in more than two months I decided (with it raining outside) to get at least a little exercise by going on the treadmill for a 30 minute workout at the more causal speed setting of 6 (bumped to 6.5 for the last five minutes).

Every muscle that had been worked yesterday screamed. Then they eventually stopped screaming. By the end I was feeling tired (I had been feeling sore and tired all morning and wanted to nap, not work out).

Overall, it was not too bad an effort and shouldn’t contribute much to even more soreness in the days ahead. I am going to try to hit the treadmill more often at noon, either walking or running, when the weather is not nice, to insure I get a little exercise every day. It won’t make me shed pounds, but it will help keep me a little healthier. Plus, it keeps my AirPods from getting lonely.

The stats (previous workout in brackets). As befits my current flabby state, BPM was a bit higher and pace was a bit slower, but nothing too egregious.

Speed: 6.0 km/h (6.5 km/h for last five minutes)
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:54/km (9:47 km/h)
Time: 30:04 (30:04)
Distance: 3.04 km (3.07 km)
Calories burned: 272 (251)
BPM: 136 (132)

Run 648: Holy lack of stamina, Batman

Run 648
Average pace: 6:28/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Start: 12:53 pm
Distance: 5.03 km
Time: 32:33
Weather: Clouds and sun
Temp: 19ºC
Humidity: 53%
Wind: light
BPM: 163
Weight: 175.1 pounds
Total distance to date: 4850 km
Devices: Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone 8
Shoes: Saucony Switchback ISO (210 km)

I would say it’s hard to believe it’s been 70 days since the last time I ran outdoors–March 22, just days after everything started getting locked down in B.C.–but when you look at my stats, it’s actually quite easy to believe, because I was not so much slow as struggling to keep moving over a distance I would in peak condition find trivial to run.

I knew I was in for a challenge when I walked the 4 km to the lake and saw my pace averaged 10:02/km. It would normally be about a full minute faster. And this was just walking.

Undaunted and without madding crowds due to the early afternoon start on a weekday, I made a pit stop at the Jiffy John (no sanitizer–boo, are they trying to give us Covid?) then set off on a five km course counter-clockwise around the lake, setting a steady pace and knowing that the goal was merely to finish.

And finish I did, though at several points it felt like the run was going to finish me instead.

You can see graphically what happened in this map of the run (Apple, please make these maps available on iPads and the web, thanks, and change them back to being light instead of dark. Dark is weird and ugly. Or at least make it a toggle):

The GPS did not fail twice, but my body did!

As you can see, I started out slow and occasionally–such as when the ground slopped downward–got a little faster before going slow again. Partway into the Piper Mill Trail my lungs were ablaze and I had to do something to keep them from scorching from the inside out, so I paused the run, then resumed once my breathing and heartrate settled a bit–before I reached the end of the Piper Mill Trail, at least.

I puttered along until I got about two-thirds of the way down the Cottonwood Trail. Again, I struggled to keep going and paused for a minute before resuming, after which I was abler to keep going through to the end.

My total time was a perhaps worst-ever 32:33, with the average overall pace being 6:28/km. I’m certain that is my slowest average pace ever. It certainly felt like it.

But I did it and while I may be sore as all get-out tomorrow, right now I don’t feel too bad. My BPM was 163, which is actually lower than my previous run, but this was likely due to the fact that my pace was so incredibly sluggish.

I did refill the tank to run a bit on the way back, though, so I have some dim hope that things will improve if I keep getting out there.

The weather was decent–pleasant, but not hot, partial sun and a light breeze. There weren’t a lot of people out, and the majority of those that were made little to no effort at physical distancing, except where it was impossible to avoid, such as on the narrow boardwalks. A surprising number of joggers were out and even more surprising, I passed one of them somehow. They must have been in casual running mode.

Despite some recent heavy rain a few days earlier (which was unusual compared to the weather trends we’ve seen this spring), the trail was in good shape, so puddle jumping was not needed, with one major exception.

This section of trail was completely submerged for some reason. Luckily, it’s right off the fields and you can actually detour around it by heading up the access road and hooking left at the first turn-off to rejoin the main loop.

A river runs through it…but shouldn’t.

Overall, while I am a bit shocked at just how slow I was, I can’t say that I was surprised at being slow and finding the run a bit of a struggle. Seventy days is a long time between runs. I will try not to go another seventy days before the next one.

Laziest treadmill workout ever

It was noon, I was waiting for a delivery and didn’t want to go out for a walk and miss it, so I stayed in and thought I could do a workout. But I didn’t want to be in the middle of some hardcore exercise when the delivery showed up, so I got on the treadmill, set it to 5–a leisurely pace of 12 minutes per km–and walked for exactly five minutes. I did not sweat.

But I did burn nineteen calories. Woo. Behold:

I gained more than 19 calories back later just by looking at a container of Goldfish crackers.

The delivery showed up about a minute after my workout was complete, so I like to think I handled the whole thing perfectly.

And lazily.

Treadmill run: The unintentional interval run

At noon today I opted to run instead of lunch. To expedite matters, I ran on the treadmill instead of outside. It has been a long while since I ran inside or outside.

I started at a speed of 9.5, which translates to a pace of 6:12/km or so. Slower than a typical outdoor run, but fairly decent for the treadmill. I quickly realized that this was Too Fast and set it back to 9. I then realized that running at this or any other pace for more than a few minutes was lighting my calves and ankles on fire. I checked my BPM on the watch, and it was rocketing toward 170. I did not like this, so about 3-4 times when my heart rate started to climb, I dropped down to my walking pace of 6.5 and walked for a minute or so until my BPM settled.

Technically, then, this was not a 30-minute run but more like a 24- or 25-minute run. Still, I finished instead of just quitting and eating a giant pie. I consider this a good start to getting back into the run of things.

The stats:

Pace: 7:04/km
Speed: 9 (6:40/km) and 6.5 (9:13/km)
Time: 30:03
Distance: 4.25
Calories burned: 346
BPM: 158

Treadmill walk: May day (Pandemic #11)

I didn’t intend to stop doing workouts and here it is almost two week since my last one. I am bad. And fat. But it is time to stop morphing into a sloth and morph into a slightly less pudgy human, and so I metaphorically dusted off the treadmill and did a workout tonight.

I made one small tweak–I set the speed to 6.0 (10 km/h pace) instead of the usual 6.5 pace. I was surprised at how different it felt. At 6.5 I have to hold onto the handgrips nearly the entire time, as the treadmill is pulling hard, trying to whisk me off the back. At 6.0 I can hold on with a loose grip and walk without holding at all, though 6.0 is probably near the edge of where that is possible, as I don’t feel entirely steady walking hands-free at this pace.

Overall, I felt fine. The slower pace helped and the 30 minutes went by quickly, even though it still took 30 minutes. The notable differences in the stats are pace (slower treadmill means slower pace, though I was comfortably under the official 10 km/h pace), fewer calories burned (naturally) and a lower BPM (also unsurprising, but nice to see it dropped as much as it did).

Maybe next time I’ll so a mix of speeds. Maybe I’ll actually try jogging. Maybe I won’t wait almost two weeks before doing something again. The world is full of possibilities.

Speed: 6.0 km/h (6.5 km/h)
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:47/km (9:31 km/h)
Time: 30:04 (30:04)
Distance: 3.07 km (3.15 km)
Calories burned: 251 (296)
BPM: 132 (141)

Treadmill walk: Pandemic edition (10 in an ongoing series)

I was not overly active today, so decided I better hit ye olde treadmill to make up for it. It was fine. I seemed to sweat more than usual. The stats almost look like I forgot to fix my copy and paste, but my pace and distance were in fact identical to the last workout. BPM was up a little, but not a lot, and I burned off a few more of the million calories I need to go through to get back to my usual weight.

Baby (elephant) steps…

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:31/km (9:31 km/h)
Time: 30:04 (30:03)
Distance: 3.15 km (3.15 km)
Calories burned: 296 (284)
BPM: 141 (137)

Treadmill walk: Pandemic edition (9 in an ongoing series)

Nothing too exciting to report on tonight’s workout. I started reasonably early compared to some recent exercises–it was only 9:30 p.m. when I hit the treadmill.

I wasn’t really feeling it, but sometime around the midway mark my mind started to drift and I muddled through, distracted from the sweating and exertion by various thoughts about various things.

Note the stats below are comparing today’s 30 minute workout to the previous, which was all of 7:28 minutes. The only interesting thing of note is that my pace after 30 minutes was the same as after 7:28 minutes, so I apparently had more gas tonight than I did the previous night.

Speed: 6.5 km/h
Incline: 10

Pace: 9:31/km (9:31 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (7.28)
Distance: 3.15 km (0.78 km)
Calories burned: 284 (59)
BPM: 137 (123)