December 2018 goals

Here are my goals for the month:

  • stay sane
  • stay the same weight or hopefully lower–as mentioned before, December is not a great month for weight loss
  • continue working on my currently unfinished NaNoWriMo novel, The Journal
  • to generally write more; last month was a rare off-month on the blog and I will work to correct that
  • read at least a few more books–I am at 36 read so far this year
  • to take more photos of things interesting and mundane
  • get a new computer desk and set of drawers to store computer-y things
  • run and walk as weather permits. I don’t mean walking as in walking around the condo or walking to the store, I mean exercise-type walking where I move almost as fast as a 17 year old girl texting on her smartphone
  • to stay donut-free
  • to do more cleaning and organizing, getting rid of more unwanted and unneeded stuff
  • to start putting together parts for a new PC
  • to make an extra effort to not complain, to remain positive and offer constructive feedback and suggestions where appropriate
  • to make more lists
  • indulge in sarcasm just a wee bit from time to time

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