Fall on me

It’s the first day of fall and everything is falling into place (see what I did there?)

Anyway, the trees are already donning their orange, red and yellow coats, the nights are now cool enough to make the air conditioner optional and the opportunity to wear shorts outside when not going out for a run are dwindling.

It’s also raining again semi-regularly.

So it’s very fall-like and now it’s official. And I’m okay with that. Early fall is something like my fourth favorite part of a season, when everything is balanced on the edge between the last days of summer and the first days of autumn, but we are still a ways from the trees being bleakly devoid of leaves, the sky perpetually gray, and the threat of snow becoming all too possible. For the moment it can still be sunny and pleasant, everything is green and splendid and I’m not both leaving for and coming back from work in the dark (it’s now dark, but the sun is still up for over an hour yet when I get home).

If I was a poet I’d write something eloquent about fall, but I ain’t, so you get a haiku:

Fall is in the air
Sun, rain, wind and shorter days
Just say no to snow

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