National Novel Writing Month 2018: The Winnowing, Part 1

In which no actual winnowing occurs.

I’ve gotten feedback from three people on my seven story ideas and so far the results are:

  • Time Enough : 2 votes
  • Wake Up: 1 vote
  • Mean Mind: 1 vote
  • Lost youth: 1 vote

Time Enough is Stage 4 cancer person using time travel to get rid of the cancer.

Wake Up is the guy living another life in a coma as doctors and family try to reach him.

Mean Mind are psychokinetic good and bad people trying to use their powers to change the world or keep others from changing it.

Lost Youth is the other time travel story, with someone going back 20-30 years in time, but with all of their memories left intact.

I’m still discussing the ideas, so the winnowing has not begun, but I’m only extending my deadline by a week. That will still give me three weeks to work on an outline and, if need be, jettison the story for another likely candidate. This is why it’s good to have seven of them instead of one. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

More soon, though I am giving Stage 4 (alternate working title) some thought now.

On a side note, I am still deciding what tool to use for the writing part, though I am still planning on working on mixing in voice dictation. I’ll be trying that out more extensively this week.

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