Treadmill walk: Wait, another one?


For the second day in a row, I got on the treadmill for a half hour workout. I actually forgot to sync the workout on my iPad, but that was okay, since I planned on watching YouTube videos instead of listening to music, anyway. Then I realized I hadn’t lined anything up, so only watched a 5-minute TechQuickie with Riley Murdoch, who has the best-fitting name in the history of the universe. Seriously, I can’t explain it, but he looks exactly like a Riley Murdoch.

Anyway, I listed to music for the remainder and kept the settings same as yesterday, so the results are also pretty much the same, except I started at top-speed instead of ramping up to it, so covered more distance and such. My legs are perhaps just starting to feel the effect of this sudden exercise.


Speed: 6.5
Incline: 5

Pace: 9:03/km (9:21/km)
Time: 35:17 (30:03)
Distance: 3.89 km (3.21 km)
Calories burned: 309 (257)
BPM: 127 (129)

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