Or how I got faster internet on Christmas Eve.

It started a few days ago when I went online to check how my monthly internet/TV bill was divided between the internet and TV parts, as I am looking into the possibility of cutting the proverbial cord. As it turns out, the TV part is about $60 per month. I then drifted over to looking at the various internet plans to compare to what I have now, and discovered my current plan no longer existed, but a new plan that was both faster and cheaper, was available.

My ISP had not notified me of this. IMAGINE THAT.

I called and a tech came out today for her last appointment before heading off to spend Christmas with the family or whatnot.

Here are the results of the initial internet connection in 2011 and the results of the speed test today, post-upgrade.



Sadly, Telus’s star rating has not similarly improved over the last seven years. But now I can reap the benefits of getting exposed to horrible social media even faster than before. Onward to the future, what little we have. Hooray!

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