Angry Carrot vs. Quirky Bastards

Back in 1999-2002 I played a bunch of online games with a group of guys, many of whom I am still virtual buddies with a hundred years later. I made a comic that incorporated our gaming group, then called Quirky Bastards and gave them a villainous vegetable to battle against, Angry Carrot. It lasted six episodes.

Here you will find all six episodes, the bonus 6.5 episode, the unfinished Episode 7 and other bonus material:

Angry Carrot vs. Quirky Bastards: Bonus material

Fun fact: All of the shots were done using members of QB or friends, there was no machinima involved. I wrote a script for each episode, did storyboards, then organized all of the “actors” using voice chat (Roger Wilco).

The cartoon elements were added using then-current versions of programs like Paint Shop Pro. and Painter Classic. Some of these programs did not support layers, which made adding the cartoon characters interesting.

The Players
Episode 1:
Budly, Fozzy, Longbranch, Phruitz, Prototype and Q
Episodes 2 & 3: Budly, FiX, FoeKilla, Fozzy, Gyro, Makabre, Phruitz, Sawbill, Scourge, Q, Urchin and Zlolt
Episode 4: Dg3Nr8, FiX, F7, G8RH8R, Longbranch, Phruitz, Prfbrain, Q and Tick
Episode 5: Circuit, Dg3Nr8, Fozzy, Jackrabbit, Longbranch, Malach, Paladin, Q and Tick. Special thanks to Jackrabbit for his extra contributions to Part 5.
Episode 6: BoX, Circuit, Longbranch and Malach

Episode 1: In this garden, villainy grows

Episode 2: Goodness is my fertilizer

Episode 3: Sowing the seeds of villainy

Episode 4: King Karrot

Episode 5: Four men and an Angry Carrot

Episode 6: An unexpected twist

Episode 6.5: Where are they now?

Episode 7: With this knife I thee peel

Sadly this episode was never finished. In fact, I started several versions of this episode–this is the one that got the furthest. The opening panel teases shenanigans in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault but no screenshots were ever actually taken in that game for the comic.