Daily Drawing No. 61: Ears

Ears are clearly not my specialty, but I can see the problem areas I have and with problems come solutions! In theory, anyway.


Daily Drawing No. 58: Eyes

This week’s prompts are all related to the face, with a different part each day, so it looks sort of like making a Frankenstein’s monster.

Today is Eyes, though technically I just drew one. Imagine its twin just off to the left.


Daily Drawing No. 57: Devon Rex

A basic black and white drawing of the cat breed with the freaky big ears. Not great, but relatively quick.

EDIT: I decided to go back and add some gray shading to it and remove the lines. The original is #2 below.


Daily Drawing No. 56: Calico

I tried a few different ways to color/apply fur before settling on a combination of the dry ink and 6B pencil brushes.

This is probably the most “realistic” cat I’ve done. And it flies!


February 2021 weight loss report: Up 1.3 pounds

Fat fat fat.

Although I went up a not-terrible 1.3 pounds month over month, this does not tell the full calorie-rich tale.

The more interesting stat is that since the start of the year I have acquired three solid (or perhaps jelly-like) pounds of body fat. This is not good.

At one point I basically gave up and just started eating whatever. Except donuts, since none are convenient. Cookies? Yes. Crackers? Yep. Pop-Tarts? They want on sale and I laid claim to them.

The result is that I have now undone all but about 10 pounds of the weight I shed in my Big Year of Weight Loss back in 2008 (and remembering, too, that I actually dipped even lower in subsequent years).

Tomorrow is a new month and I will be going snack-free, except for fruit and vegetables. I will not eat giant, fatty meals. I will keep walking and resume running.

And hopefully my weight will finally trend back downward again.

We shall see.


February 1: 176.5 pounds
February 28: 177.8 pounds (up 1.3 pounds)

Year to date: From 174.2 to 177.8 pounds (up 3.6 pounds)

And the body fat (now year to date rather than just the past month):

January 1: 22.4% (39.1 pounds of fat)
February 28: 23.7% (42.1 pounds of fat) (up 3 pounds)

Daily Drawing No. 55: Russian blue

Once more into the cats. I tried using reference on this, even stooping as low as tracing, but it just wasn’t working at all. Finally, in desperation I just winged the whole thing, plunking down the cat, adding the smile, then asking myself, “Why is it smiling?” and answering with, “Because it is contentedly crushing flowers in a pot.”


Daily Drawing No. 54: Domestic short hair

Cats today! I found a reference for the general pose, then applied my own color scheme, and went with a bold, flat style using ink brushes.


Daily Drawing No. 52: Poodle

I had to choose between a poodle and a ragdoll cat. I chose poodle because I thought it would be simpler. Ho ho.

This took a lot of work and it made me crazy. It’s not bad and I learned a few things, so I’m content with that.

I present the initial version and the finished one. I looked at the initial version and found that it was so hard to see the eyes it looked like they had been gouged out. Also, the ears weren’t quite as fluffy as I wanted, so I went in and did some canine surgery that was…mostly successful.

Final form of poodle:

Poodle from hell version:


Daily Drawing No. 52: Bombay cat

I originally was going to really cheat on this and make it nothing but a black silhouette. I ended up adding a little bit of shading, but this was another late night rush job after spending most of the day with a massive headache.