Those wacky internet speeds

Since getting the internet connection upgrade, I occasionally check to see how the connection is running.

Just now, I did two tests on the Mac mini. Here are the results:

  • using a BCNET server (this is the service used by many post-secondary schools): 74.97 Mbps download, 21.01 Mbps upload, 12 ms ping
  • (provided by Netflix): 53 Mbps download, 20 Mbps upload, 4 ms ping

Now, I’m no internet scientist, but it seems to me even allowing for some variation between different sites, I shouldn’t be seeing a difference of nearly 22 Mbps when conducting tests literally within a minute of each other. And tests earlier in the evening were even lower from, peaking around 43 Mbps.

Even though this is kind of terrible, I’m not overly concerned right now, because for most of my purposes, the speed is still fast enough that I’m not left squirming in my seat saying, “Faster, faster!” And the result is actually very close to my expected speed.

But eventually I may start squirming, and if I do I’ll run a bunch of tests over multiple days and times and take the results to my ISP and say to them, “What’s going on, you big lovable corporate entity?” And they may just LOL or whatever, concluding the saga on a lighthearted note.

Here is the result in graphic form:

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