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Who is Creole Ned?

On my bike, April 2009. Sadly, the bike was later stolen.

Creole Ned is the online persona I created in 1997 to play games on what was then called the Internet Gaming Zone (now MSN Games). A friend and I had whiled away many an hour playing games like Duke Nukem 3D and Age of Empires over modem (how quaint!) but yearned for more. The IGZ required you to create a name that would be used in the various game rooms. My friend chose Sexy Nancy because he thought it would be fun to roleplay a hot chick who was into gaming. I chose Creole Ned for reasons unclear to me to this day. I wanted some kind of adjective-noun combo to go along with Sexy Nancy and after not much thought “Creole Ned” just popped into my head. I have no particular love for creole food, though I do like it.

As for my friend, it turned out that Microsoft did not like people describing themselves as sexy and so his alter-ego became Sweet Nancy, which if anything was more disturbing.

I have stuck faithfully to the name Creole Ned over the years as my connection graduated from a phone line to cable and then DSL (ironically, back to a phone line). Probably the most notable online use of the name was for the games Tribes and Tribes 2. For a few years I was also one of the volunteer forum moderators for Vivendi’s official Tribes forums and used the same name there, so someone somewhere probably associates it with being banned. :p

Who is the person behind Creole Ned?
My name is Stan James. I was named after my dad’s father and was born in Duncan, British Columbia on September 19, 1964. My time on this planet has been split chiefly between the town I was born in and Vancouver, which I moved to in 1986. I’ve also lived for a time in Nanaimo and Victoria. I should probably point out that I’ve not spent time off the planet, just to stave off conspiracy theories.

I currently live with my partner in New Westminster. There are a lot of hills here. And trains. I write stuff and (normally) work to support the writing. Yes, I know I’m doing it backwards. I’m working on that.

Why should you care what I have to say?
That’s a good question. Really, you shouldn’t. This site exists as a vehicle through which I can entertain myself. If others are entertained or occasionally gain some small insight, that’s a nice bonus. But I won’t pretend I’m terribly fascinating. I just like to write and hey, here I am.

Will this page be updated?
Probably. I like stealth-editing. This whole page could be completely different a month from now.

About the site
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I may be contacted via creolened@outlook.com

Errata – random things that don’t neatly fit anywhere else on the site

National Novel Writing Month
I haven’t posted all of my winning badges yet. Lazy. Sorry!

NaNoWriMo Winner 2012

Gaming playthroughs I’ve done are listed below. All have appeared on Broken Forum.

Spore Brother, can you spare some DNA? A Spore playthrough
The Sims 3 Queer as Sims: A Sims 3 playthrough
Secret of the Magic Crystals They shoot unicorns, don’t they? A Secret of the Magic Crystals playthrough
Grand Theft Auto 3 The Tale of an OCD punk. Sorry, this one was never finished. Maybe some day (but probably not).

From August 2009. Hooey or deeply insightful? You decide! I was declared an INTP, which looks a bit like some sort of internet protocol. Learn more here.

PDF file

Fun fact: I took the equivalent test at humanmetrics.com on February 28, 2018 and it said I am an INFJ. Tests are wacky.

Disclaimer: My inclusion of links to various social media outlets is not an endorsement of them or their data-harvesting empires.