At long last, FIRE DANGER is back

Today, with a projected high of 34C, I decided to postpone my run until tomorrow (the forecast is for the same high temperature, but I’m going to try getting up super-early to compensate. We’ll see how that goes!) and instead took a brisk walk up and down the river trail instead, about 7.7 km in total. While I sweated reasonably profusely, it was not nearly as much as the recent soakings I’ve gotten when running.

And after having spent the previous paragraph talking about hot, dry weather, it may seem surprising that these signs just went up on the river trail, the second latest in the season I’ve ever seen them appear (the earliest is May and the latest was never, in 2019):

The FIRE DANGER sign this year is actually new–they added REPORT FIRES TO 911 and removed the line about staying on trails. And actually, it appears they kind of merged two signs into one, maybe because all fire danger is now considered EXTREME. Here’s a shot of the two previous signs from 2017:

This was taken with an iPhone 6 and looks surprisingly bad. Where are all the pixels?

This concludes The History of the FIRE DANGER Sign in Metro Vancouver.

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