“This Amazing Productivty Hack”

Good ol’ clickbait! Here’s how the above headline was presented in my Medium Weekly Digest newsletter:

Want to know what the amazing productivity hack is?

“Send everything to the trash first, then pull out from the trash what’s important.”

Yes, the author literally advocates deleting all your email from the inbox, then going to the trash/deleted items folder and pulling out what you really want to keep.

Or, you know, don’t subscribe to a bunch of crap you never read in the first place? Then there’s no need for any kind of multistep process, because all the junk email you don’t want or need never arrives! That’s my amazing productivity hack.

The author alleges that “By the end of the day, there were more than 50 emails chillaxing in my new digital Zen space. How dare they! And they were nearly early all spam — including stuff I thought I’d unsubscribed from, blocked, or banned.” This sounds rather fishy. First, she uses the huge caveat of “I thought I’d…” which probably means “I never did”, or she has catastrophically bad filtering on her email account. Or both. Also, how do you “ban” email?

Here’s another amazing productivity hack: Don’t waste your time reading stories like this, or even blog posts like this one deconstructing them. Go play with a puppy or kitten instead. Hug a tree. Talk to a plant. East a cookie. Or one of the other billion trillion quadrillion things that would be a better use of your time.

In conclusion, this cat:

April showers

Except it’s May. May!

April May showers

Yes, the 10-day forecast for the first half of May mentions rain or showers EVERY DAY.

I mean, this is no doubt better than ten days of heat domes and will do wonders to dampen the threat of forest fires, but this is a little silly.

Maybe some day we’ll be living in some Star Trek future where we can control the weather. Until then, a boy can dream.

Disco Inferno: a visualization

How the lyrics for “Disco Inferno” appear in Apple Music (Mac version):


As you may or may not recall, the song is 10:51 minutes long. That is a lot of burning. The conventional wisdom is people don’t listen to the lyrics, and that would apply even more for a song meant to be danced to in a disco (inferno). But streaming music services means we can not only see the lyrics, we can follow along to them in real time and appreciate just how utterly inane they are when depicted visually. I don’t mean this as a bad thing. In fact, the idea of “Disco Inferno” actually having profound or meaningful lyrics is way more disturbing than seeing the word “burning” appear 24 times in a row.



How did “vibes” become the new hot topic (on the web, which is now our replacement for reality, unless your country is being invaded by Russia)? How did this happen? What will replace vibes when vibes are no longer hot?

Am I doing vibes right? What is my vibe? I just don’t know.

Related: When did people decide it was hip to refer to products being offered in different colors as “colorways” when “colors” works just fine?

Why are people so weird?

Also, a fancy cat:

I am tired

I am tired of being a good person (or at least I think I’m a good person) and seemingly being punished for it.

I am tired of being nice with no result, no effect.

I am tired of indifferent and incompetent people.

I am tired of inconsiderate people.

I am tired of people. I am tired of this world.

I am tired.

I am tired.

I am tired.

Drafty no more

I had over 40 draft posts saved up on the blog and I knew a bunch of them were just titles and nothing more, since WordPress aggressively (and thoughtfully) autosaves as you go, so last night I took the time to purge the drafts and in the end, I did it. Yay!

Here’s how it turned out:

  • I published one old post as new
  • I copied 11 partial drafts into a Blog Ideas folder in Obsidian, where they will live, likely forever or at least until bit rot claims them
  • The remainder and majority of the incomplete drafts were NUKED FOREVER

It felt good.

Now to get back to my blog redesign, ho ho.

Draft never posted: Bluh, February 2020 edition

April 5, 2022: As the title suggests, this post was originally written at the start of February 2020--a month prior to the official declaration of the COVID-19 global pandemic, which is still ongoing as I write this update. I haven't edited the entry, but thought it would be interesting to post in a time capsule sort of way.

I mean, February was kind of better. March, though...

I fell well short of my post-per-day goal in January, but I also got a nasty case of the flu (which still lingers on in a few minor ways two weeks after I first got sick). This took what was a minimal desire to write and squashed it like a bug under a very large boot.

It also rained 28 of 31 days in January, so I may have also have been hit by TRD–Torrential Rain Disorder, in which even someone who has lived their entire life in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island eventually starts cracking from the incessant, endless rain.

But perhaps February will be better. At the very least it will be shorter. And perhaps a smidgen warmer.

Shhh, let people enjoy things

I saw this posted in the comments of this Ars Technica article on mechanical keyboards (I am typing this on my Keychron Q1 mechanical keyboard and the CLACKS are so very satisfying). It was in response to someone writing that “Mechanicl (sic) keyboards are the nerds’noisy crotch rocket.”

It is my favorite thing on the internet today, and something I will try to remember when someone likes something I don’t like.

Credit to Adam Ellis

Know Your Meme explainer: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/let-people-enjoy-things