Last minute Apple “Far Out” event predictions (updated)

UPDATED: I have updated my amazing predictions, post-event.

Actually, I don’t have any. But I am amused at how pretty much everything gets leaked ahead of time and yet Apple still clings tenaciously to its super-high levels of secrecy, as if they are unaware of the entire rest of the world existing around them (Steve Jobs snarkily acknowledged this in his keynotes, at least).

Apple is big, conservative, and evil, but in a banal sort of way. They are also becoming victims of their own hubris, thinking their Apple Poo™ smells better than other poo. It does not, it just costs more.

Okay, here are some predictions:

  • New iPhone models
  • New Watch models
  • Updated AirPods Pro, with updated (higher) price
  • Previews of Apple TV+ shows that no one will care about (even if they end up watching some of the shows)
  • Tim Cook will tap dance in the opening segment. Okay, he’ll actually just recite corporate boilerplate in that supremely bland way of his, but I would buy a new iPhone if he tap danced instead. UPDATE: No tap dancing, but he did kind of shimmy in place a bit, with lots of hand gestures, which could be interpreted as “white guy dancing”.

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