National Novel Writing Month 2018: The Mulling™ begins

This weekend, other than eating almost-turkey on Thanksgiving, I will begin mulling over the primary candidate for next month’s contest, which is:

Time Enough? (working title) A Stage 4 cancer victim acquires an object/device that lets him slip through time. He tries to use this to rid himself of his cancer.

I’ll also be doing a final look over all of my various and zany ideas, to see if something else grabs me like that girl’s hand at the end of Carrie. If nothing does, I’ll spend next week doing an outline on Time Enough? and see how that goes. If it founders, I’ll spend another week looking at other ideas, pick one and outline that one in the fourth week of October. If that one founders as well I will spend November writing 50,000 words of haiku (that’s 2,941 haikus).

While I am still well ahead of where I’d be at this time in years past, I must admit to feeling a bit nervous with 26 days before the writing begins. But still reasonably confident I can do this.


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