Another warm ‘n muggy run with another bonus coyote sighting

Run 344
Average pace: 5:18/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Ran Spruce and Conifer Loops
Distance: 10.03 km
Weather: Sunny, very humid
Temp: 18-24ºC
Wind: nil
Calories burned: 772
Total distance to date: 2887

Conditions were nearly identical today vs. Friday except it was sunny, which meant it warmed up more over the course of the run. Humidity was very high again, starting around 85% and I sweated copiously as I am wont to do in these conditions.

I didn’t wilt quite as much, though, and managed to shave off two seconds, making my average pace a slow-but-still-improved 5:18/km. Another nice aspect was no weird pain or other glitches. I did begin flagging around the 8K mark but picked up nicely in the last km, finishing strongly. Weirdly, my third km was my fastest at 5:10 vs. 5:12 for both the first and second km. If it hadn’t been so muggy I probably could have turned in a much better time but alas.

After the run I saw what I’m pretty sure was the same coyote in the same spot along the Brunette River trail. He was on the other side of the fence this time and saw my approach so nimbly bounded…a short distance back. Then he turned and watched, with his head sticking up above the wild grass, as I walked back. Then he disappeared off into his coyote house or whatever it is they live in. He seems to have taken up residence, which is odd given the location is fairly well-traveled by walkers, joggers, park workers and CN employees. Maybe he wants to be adopted.

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