D is for Dinosaur

This crudely drawn T-rex was done in almost a single continuous line due to how the Autodraw site works. As far as I can tell there is no erase function, though there is a generous undo ability.

But I don’t have the patience to keep doing and undoing so here’s my stick man dinosaur.

Autodraw threw out a ton of completely random guesses so it wasn’t too terribly impressed by my artistic ability. As I mentioned in the previous post, I was never great at drawing or painting and I’m okay with that.

It did include a T-rex head as one of its guesses, though. I’ve included it below my masterpiece.

Program used: Autodraw, Photoshop CC 2017
Hardware: Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet, my uncoordinated mouse hand

D is for dinosaur
Poor one-armed dinosaur :(
Autodraw Googlesaurus Rex
Autodraw Googlesaurus Rex



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