Gum Gum Person with flying disc

I redid the legs multiple times. I always make them too long. I need to bone up (ho ho) on GGP anatomy more.

This was relatively quick, but I intend to draw more Gum Gum People over the next while.

Yes, I have stopped drawing

I didn’t plan on stopping and I’ll be blunt: Going back to work is a big part of why I stopped. Not because it took away time to draw (because I can always find the time, and have in the past) but just being back in a joyless job sucked the drive out of me. Not just for drawing, either, but for writing–even just posting silly things to this blog. My creativity has been replaced by playing so much Diablo 3 that my right wrist hurts. My level 70 wizard is totes powerful, though (his name is Spellsworth).

When I haven’t been playing Diablo 3, I would find myself sitting and staring at the screen. Then go to bed. I mean at night, not at one in the afternoon or something. I still have some standards.

But another part of my drawing ennui was the general direction of the Making Art Everyday prompts. A month of plants was not great. Really, it got kind of boring by the end, and then it was followed by other stuff I was even less interested in. I mean, Week 20 is making patterns. I don’t want to spend a week drawing patterns. I’m not even sure I want to spend a day drawing patterns. Running with a theme for an entire month is maybe not the best way to do the prompts. Or more accurately, it’s not the best way for me. I prefer Inktober’s approach of doing something different every time, often with the prompt not being a thing (like as plant), but a mood or expression or something else (to be fair, Making Art Everyday did have some of these for the month-long People Skills prompts). But I realize that the MAE prompts are as much meant to be tutorials and that doing so through themes might make sense there. Maybe it’s just not for me.

Anyway, I still haven’t decided what to do yet. I might return to MAE, I might try the weekly Inktober prompts, I might try coming up with my own prompts. I don’t know.

I’m playing less Diablo 3, though. My right wrist is thanking me.

Gum Gum Person as David Byrne in “Road to Nowhere”

This was requested as an emoji in Discord. A Gum Gum Person “dancing” like David Byrne in the video for “Road to Nowhere”:

Reference from the video:

And why not check out the video while you’re at it? It’s a good song.

Daily Drawing 101: Hibiscus

At this point the daily part should be in quotes, because I am way behind.

I did three sketches of a hibiscus flower before finally looking for a very simple cartoon reference. The result is okay, but better than the proverbial kick in the pants.

I am pretty tired of work and I am pretty tired of drawing flowers. I’m beginning to think doing an entire month of a theme for prompts is maybe not the best idea. At least not for plants. :P

Anyway, with lousy weather in the forecast I may have some time to catch up. We’ll see.


Daily Drawing 97: Mushrooms

I especially like the way the smaller mushroom turned out. These were done using the following built-in Procreate brushes:

  • Studio Pen for the mushrooms
  • Wildgrass for the grass
  • Rainforest for the background


Daily Drawing 96: Autumn leaves

The maple leaf was sort of done with reference, the other one I just made up, though it probably looks like something. I’m no plantologist, so I can’t say. This was done using various water brushes and is about one billion times better than anything I ever did with real water paints.