Diesel half-run

The good news: the weather was cloudy and 10ºC, with little wind.

The bad news: my calves started hurting only a few km in and that sometimes diesel smell was not only present, it was ever-present.

At the 5k mark I stopped the run because I didn’t want to risk hurting my calves again (I think they’re okay, just sore from pushing a little harder) and the air quality was obnoxiously bad, probably the worst it’s ever been.

Since the rains had let up, most of the flooding on the trail had receded but it was still mushy and tricky to navigate in a few spots. Nothing else unusual to report.

I’m contemplating another 5k run tomorrow to make up, depending on how I feel.

The results were 5.05 km total, average pace of 5.29/km, fastest lap was 5:15/km. Interestingly, my second km was 5:16/km, almost identical — that may have caused the soreness to spring up. my second km usually falls off anywhere from 4-8 seconds.

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