Walk 110: When the wind blows

View from Cariboo Dam, approximately halfway through the walk

I debated whether to go out today and what to do if I did. Do that 3K run I’ve been putting off? Walk? Walk/run? Hide? Well, maybe not hide.

In the end, I went for a walk/run and discovered we had been in the middle of a very recent windstorm. This was evidenced by:

  • The fact that it was still very windy
  • The trails were littered with leaves, twigs and in some cases, full branches that would leave a mark or two if they clobbered you on the way down

I felt a bit pokey walking to the lake, but picked up the pace on the way back, bringing my overall pace to 8:35/km, which is perfectly cromulent. As mentioned, the wind was very windy, but I didn’t encounter much in the way of flying debris. The wind did factor in my decision to not run at the lake, though. (others were there running, however, and it was probably fine). I did see a bunch of goslings with some parents, which was nice. They are still in their cute stage.

Even better than baby geese, my right ankle did not protest in any way during the running segments today. Yay.

Overall, it was good to get out after skipping yesterday. I am birding tomorrow, so may go out on Saturday for some form of exercise.

Some of the wood-based victims of the wind:

This is actually off the main trail. Probably a good thing!


Walk 110
Average pace: 8:35/km

Location: Brunette River trail/Burnaby Lake
Distance: 9.02 km
Time: 1:17:35
Weather: Sun and cloud
Temp: 18°C
Humidity: 61%
Wind: strong, with gusts
BPM: 120
Weight: 169.8 pounds
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255
Total distance to date: 832.65 km

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