Exciting heel update, August 2020 edition

On July 14, the second official day of my summer vacation, I went for a walk around Burnaby Lake. The weather was nice, I felt good. It was a long walk, around 19 km in total. At around the 17 km mark my left heel began to hurt for reasons unclear to me. Some possibilities that I came up with later:

  • Pulled muscle
  • Bruised bone
  • Broken or sprained bone
  • I managed to walk so wrong I damaged the heel

It is now August 12 as I write this, nearly a month later.

The left heel is still sore.

Is it better than before? I will say it is better than before, yes. And it may in part still be sore because I keep going for walks, almost every day, though the distance has shrunk from 19 km to 7-9 km. And I walk aggressively. The heel actually doesn’t feel too bad on these walks, as if I am limbering up the muscles and they feel better as a result.

But I’m not a doctor, so who knows. It could be ALIENS.

If my left heel is still sore when my doctor is back from his vacation (hopefully he does not hurt his heels), I will arrange an appointment to discuss possibilities, like resting the heel or getting a bionic replacement.

This concludes my August 2020 heel update. There may be a Part 2.

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