I walked 33,164 steps today

That’s 26.44 km. The number will actually go higher before I got to bed, unless I magically teleport around the condo for the rest of the evening.

Nic and I went for a walk around the Stanley Park seawall. As it was a beautiful, sunny day it was packed with people the way a Snickers is allegedly packed with peanuts. We delighted in the scenery, even as we had to avert our eyes from the men who had taken their shirts off to expose their extremely white flesh. It’s definitely early summer.

In a rare turn of events, I did not get sunburned, but Nic did get some red on the back of his neck. [Nelson laugh here]

I’ll slap together some of the better photos, but for now here’s one I like of the underside of the Lions Gate bridge.

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