iPad Pro: not reviewed (yet)

I picked up an iPad Pro 10.5 inch model tonight with 256 GB of storage. This will replace my 32 GB iPad Air, which still works without issue, it just does most things a little slower.

I was originally going to get the 12.9 inch model but they are weirdly hard to find right now so I’m going to see if the 10.5 works for me. I have a few weeks to try it out before Apple will say “lol it’s yours now, buddy!” and won’t let me exchange it.

I’ll post more impressions or some kind of review later but for now let me just say that I don’t remember having to repeatedly tell Siri things before during the setup. The process went smoothly otherwise. I’ve elected to just add apps as I need them rather than do a full restore from backup.

I also got a pencil so will be creating amazing works of art shortly. My definition of amazing may differ from the traditional one.

As a bonus, I now have four iPad chargers. I can almost start wearing them as jewellery.

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