Linux Mint and the all the updates

I decided to peek in at Linux Mint again and this meant there were a plethora of updates ready to be installed. After doing so, I had to reboot, then fix the updates that didn’t install properly, and so on.

I mean, it was no better or worse than doing the same in Windows 11. I mean, it was a little worse in that Linux-y way, but not overly so.

But I never gain any traction with Linux because I just don’t spend enough time with it. And I don’t spend enough time with it because there are so many niggles that irk me. Not a lot, but enough.

But still, I try, because I am a dope and a sucker for new things or different things.

And it is different.

Now that I’m (mostly) updated, I’ll stick with it for a bit and see how it goes.

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