November 2023 weight loss report: Up 0.9 pounds

Yes, I am up again (though not as much as last month, which is semi-good).

In fact, for the month, I was only down from the initial weight of 168.3 pounds once–three days in when I hit 168.1 pounds. It was all up (and down and up and down) from there.

But let’s look at the full set of stats from the beginning of the month to the end and compare. This calls for a table, which I hate doing in WordPress, but here we go!

DateWeightBody fatBody waterMuscle mass
Nov. 1168.1 pounds24.5%55.1%30.0 kg
Nov. 30169.2 pounds25.4%54.5%30.1 kg

As you can see, the news is…not good. While my muscle mass is up marginally for the month (muscle is denser than fat, so adds more equivalent weight), my body water is currently lower and my body fat percentage is higher. Meaning I have, in fact, gotten a bit fatter.


But! I swore to go snack-free in November, and I didn’t. In fact, I snacked regularly like some dirty little snacker. For December, I am again vowing to go snack-free. I will allow a few exceptions as follows:

  • Fruit, like bananas or apples
  • Vegetables, in case I develop a sudden carrot addiction
  • 30g of cheese or less after a run
  • A small glass of chocolate milk after a run
  • That’s it!

We’ll see what happens. I mean, in theory I should be able to stay below 169.2 pounds for the month, but I’ve been saying this for multiple months as my weight has gone up, so maybe I’ve been secretly cursing myself. I make no predictions for December, except that my weight will be a set of numbers.

January 1, 2023: 164.2 pounds  
Current: 169.2 pounds
Year to date: Up 5 pounds

November 1: 168.3 pounds
November 30: 169.2 pounds (up 0.9 pounds)

Body fat: 
November 1: 24.5% 
November 30: 25.4% (up 0.9%)

Skeletal muscle mass:
November 1: 30.0% 
November 30: 30.1% (up 0.1%)

Body water:
November 1: 55.1% 
November 30: 54.5% (down 0.6%)

Historical: January 1, 2022: 182.8 pounds

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