May 2020 weight loss report: Down 1.5 pounds

A miracle in the plaguelands! While the world struggles to flatten the curve, I have struggled to flatten my own curve and the past few months of working from home have led to me getting dangerously close to my previous high bar on weight (from 2008). Not good.

But for the first time in awhile, my weight has gone down instead of up.

This month was the first real attempt to curb snacking and exercise a bit more. I have been walking more and did a treadmill run, but regular jogging is still not a thing, so I have work to do on exercise, but at least I’ve (re)started.

I have cut snacking, but not enough. Despite being down 1.5 pounds for the month, my actual body fat increased slightly, so I’m in a holding pattern right now.

For June, then, I need to improve my efforts, to break out of the holding pattern and start seeing numbers drop. I’ve done it before; I can do it again.

May 1: 178.5 pounds
May 31: 177 pounds (down 1.5 pounds)

Year to date: From 171.8 to 177 pounds (up 5.2 pounds)

And the body fat:

May 1: 23.2% (41.4 pounds of fat)
May 30: 
23.5% (41.7 pounds of fat) (up 0.3 pounds)

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