Run 609: Two weeks later, five seconds slower and one coyote dashing

Run 609
Average pace: 6:28/km
Location: Burnaby Lake (CCW)
Start: 12:26 pm
Distance: 5:03 km
Time: 32:30
Weather: Sunny with high cloud
Temp: 22ºC
Humidity: 54%
Wind: light
BPM: 164
Weight: 167.8 pounds
Total distance to date: 4625 km
Devices: Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 8

Last weekend I didn’t run and it wasn’t because I was just too lazy (mostly). I stayed up way too late Friday and Saturday, slept horribly and felt like simply walking around without bumping into the furniture was a big enough goal, never mind a proper run.

Today I was braced for the results to be worse due to the extended absence. And they were!

But not by much.

My pace was 6:28/km, five seconds off the last run’s pace–but still better than the run before that. BPM and other stats were very similar, so the run was not really all that different than the one two weeks ago. I found a comfortable pace early on and stuck to it, experiencing no issues along the way.

I caught a fleeting glimpse of a healthy-looking coyote ducking into the bushes ahead of me on the main trail, probably waiting for some snack-sized off-leash dog to wander along. There was also the remains of a water station from an event earlier in the morning at Piper spit. It’s 2 km into the run, I was half-tempted to grab some water because it was a little dry, though not as much as the previous run. I still need to find some solution for hydration that doesn’t involve some gigantic water bottle.

Speaking of dry, I was walking along the Avalon Trail post-run and a parks putt-putt car came up, leaving a tick cloud of dust that hung over the trail for a surprisingly long time. My shoes were similarly dust-covered, something I’m not really accustomed to seeing in mid-June. Ah, climate change!

Anyway, the run was totally acceptable and the slower time was no surprise. I swear I will start running more often any day now.

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