A duck soap opera

There are several artificial ponds in front of the library at Langara College. In the winter it is drained due to the chance that it could freeze and blow up pipes or something. But as of late March it’s been filled anew with water.

Earlier this week a pair of ducks took to swimming about in the main pond, a male and a female. A cute little duck couple.

The next day the female duck was gone and only the male paddled about the pond.

By day three there were again two ducks, except now both were males. Today, day four, the pair of male ducks were still there, swimming and then sunning at the pond.

The way I see it is like this:

The male and female duck had a fight. The female flew the coop–literally–leaving the male behind. The male swam about dejected and lonely. He put out a call to a buddy and was joined by him the next day. The buddy lent a sympathetic shoulder (if ducks had shoulders) and generally provided support and comfort. By the next day (things move quickly in duck world) the original male duck figured his buddy looked pretty good and they agreed to try an ‘experimental’ relationship.

I expect next week an interloper in the form of a seagull will throw a wrench in the works.