The Internet is not made out of paper

I recently bought an LCD monitor (BenQ FP937) after so many people raved about them on Quarter to Three. After a period of adjustment I can understand the raving. The clarity of the image is well beyond what my trusty old Viewsonic P95f+ was capable of, even when it was new out of the box. The screen is also a lot brighter than my CRT and this reminded me again of how much I dislike websites that have black text on white backgrounds. It’s understandable that people want to create sites that look like printed paper because everyone is cozy and comfortable with books and magazines. However, books and magazines do not throw a ton of light into your face while you peruse them. The Internet, as it currently exists, does.

Down with white, up with greenish-blue, I say.

Meanwhile, Samuel K has blogged his own site (UPDATE, January 3, 2022–yes, nearly 17 years later. Sam’s site no longer works and has probably been offline for the past decade. He’s on Facebook now. Also, I learned how to turn the brightness down on LCD monitors.) and posted a picture of his cat. I am thus obligated to do the same and go one better by posting a slightly larger picture of my cat. I give you Pooter (edit: okay, that was too big even for me):


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