Treadmill walk: At day’s end

I spent all day inside cleaning and organizing but alas, this was not quite enough to complete my rings, so I contemplated walking outside in the dark or hitting the treadmill and the treadmill won. Not that I’m afraid of walking in the dark, it’s just most of the streets here have poor lighting and I have poor night vision to go along with it.

I was surprisingly spry and for some reason decided to leave my shirt on (I usually take it off indoors where my shocking white flesh won’t blind innocent bystanders). While it did make for a slightly warmer run, the shirt actually kept a lot of the sweat from running all over, so I may have to go topmore (?) again.

As the stats below show, I was in the groove tonight, which kind of surprised me. But I’ll take it.

Pace: 9:12/km (9:29 km/h)
Time: 30:03 (30:06)
Distance: 3.26 km (3.17 km)
Calories burned: 297 (286)
BPM: 139 (136)

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