Treadmill walk: Late night, tired

I was lazy and/or doing other stuff today and as the clock ticked toward midnight I feared not my coach turning into a pumpkin, but breaking the completion of my daily activity rings.

This would not do.

And so at the late hour of 10:53 p.m. I did a 30-minute workout. I felt a bit tired, but muddled through with a pace of 9:17/km (below the estimated pace the treadmill had of 9:13/km) and a higher BPM as my body clearly wanted to nap instead of work out. Still, I did it and there’s that. I also returned to an incline setting of 4 to get mah burn on.


Speed: 6.5
Incline: 5

Pace: 8:51/km (8:49/km)
Time: 48:43 (47:05)
Distance: 5.50 km (5.34 km)
Calories burned: 478 (335)
BPM: 130 (120)

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