Treadmill walk: One of these days I’ll go outside again

Maybe tomorrow! The forecast calls for light rain, which is just the sort of thing to keep people–and maybe even a few dog owners–off the trails. Not that I’m anti-people, I just like having lots of room to run. Yeah.

Tonight’s workout was slightly different in that I started out listening to music, then decided to watch YouTube videos instead, since I’m subbed to a thousand tech and creative channels and only watch any of them sporadically. It worked out well. I watched Snazzy Labs’ longer take on the recent Apple iPhone 12 event and I absolutely adore Quinn Nelson’s delivery. He does deadpan so well. After the video ended I listened to more music (I am still working through my entire song list alphabetically–I’m up to the E’s now) because trying to pull up additional videos while walking very fast on a steeply-inclined treadmill is…tricky. Maybe Siri can help. Or just start pulling up random stuff, which is almost as likely.

One other thing I’ll note is how delightful it was to have my AirPods seamlessly switch from the iPhone to the iPad Pro and back again. This is one of those little things Apple does so well. It’s inspired me to start a Good Design category on the blog to counter the negative of the Bad Design one.

Anyway, the workout itself was fine. I started slow, got very fast, the ended a bit slower, so apparently Snazzy Labs is very motivational for exercise. The stats are pretty similar to what I usually see, as you may observe below (the workout went on slightly longer because I got distracted by the music at the end, which is a pretty rare thing itself):

Pace: 9:22/km (9:27 km/h)
Time: 30:11 (30:06)
Distance: 3.22 km (3.18 km)
Calories burned: 288 (281)
BPM: 135 (133)

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