Treadmill walk: Slower, longer and cut

Today’s treadmill walk started with a bit of a debacle. While poking at the iPad sitting in the tablet holder, I put my other hand on the shelf holding the fan and put just a little too much pressure on it, causing the shelf to pull off from the wall. I tried to reseat it on the two screws that hold it in place, but only succeeded in dropping one of the screws behind the treadmill, in the corner. I fished it out, proceeded to do the exact same thing, then said, “Screw it!” (geddit?) and jury-rigged a temporary fan holder by stacking the two laptop/eating tray on each other. It didn’t really work well.

After this, I opted to skip videos and just listen to music, but since I already had the iPad up, I streamed Scissor Sister’s album Ta-Dah and followed along with the lyrics. The album is just over 51 minutes long, so that’s how long I worked out. I also made another change–keeping the incline set to zero, to see what impact it had on BPM/calories burned and such. Here’s the verdict, based on my sample of one:

BPM: No difference
Pace: Slower, but not dramatically so
Calories burned: Noticeably lower. At 30 minutes, I had burned 225 calories, a little over two-thirds less.

I’m undecided at the moment, but may go back to an incline of 4, which feels like a good medium between the extremes. And the math checks out.

The workout itself went fine, and I never found myself flagging, though I did slow a bit through the middle section.


Speed: 6.5
Incline: 5

Pace: 8:51/km (8:49/km)
Time: 48:43 (47:05)
Distance: 5.50 km (5.34 km)
Calories burned: 478 (335)
BPM: 130 (120)

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