Treadmill walk: You(no)Tube

Today I figured I would go back to watching videos during my workout, so I found a couple that would work well time-wise:

  • Let’s Game It Out‘s look at World Box
  • Dave2D’s look at the MSI GE76 laptop with fast everything

Everything was working great until about the 7-minute mark of the Let’s Game It Out video. It just stopped playing. Since my internet connection has been a bit blippy over the last month or so, I figured it was another blip, but a quick check (while continuing the workout) revealed all was well, but the video kept stopping at the same point. I switched to the Dave2D video, which played as expected, then allowed myself to be served two more random videos by The Algorithm™ and they turned out to be okay (a TechQuickie about Microsoft’s Pluton security thing and a Brad’s Art School lesson on perspective).

The main thing here is I did all this troubleshooting while the treadmill was still running. When I have to reach forward to the iPad it presents an exercise in control and balance. But I managed to stay on. I was pretty slow on the first km, though.

The second km, unimpeded by technical glitches, was pretty zippy, and the third one, where I was clearly getting tired, was slower. BPM is back down to about what I’d expect, but is also expected given the slower pace. Overall, not a bad workout, given the weird circumstances.


Speed: 6.5
Incline: 5

Pace: 8:51/km (8:49/km)
Time: 48:43 (47:05)
Distance: 5.50 km (5.34 km)
Calories burned: 478 (335)
BPM: 130 (120)

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