Treadmill workout 150: Avoiding The Rains

Today is a run day. It also happens to be pouring like crazy out there, so hard the rain was banging like a drum off gutters and things.

I opted to stay inside and do a 5K workout on the treadmill using my new hands-free “real workout” technique!

Because it’s been warm and wet, it’s also been a tad humid and for security reasons, I don’t work out on the treadmill with the deck door of the living room opened, so I ended up sweating a lot. Like, a whole lot. Copious amounts. Almost excessively. I can also vouch that doing a full 5K hands-free definitely feels like a bigger effort than hands-on.

That said, it all went well, and my pace improved over the previous outing, too. I also burned more than a few calories, which puddled around my feet.


Speed: 6.5
Incline: 3

Pace: 8:57/km (9:01/km)
Time: 44:53 (30:03)
Distance: 5.01 km (3.33 km)
Calories burned: 423 (252)
BPM: 129 (126)

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