Treadmill workout 151: Avoiding the atmospheric river

The weather forecast today contained the words “atmospheric river” and that meant it was time to hit the treadmill!

I did a 5K “hands-free” workout and performance was very similar to the previous workout. I was slightly worse in most respects, and I blame that on being somewhat more enthralled with the videos I was watching on the iPad.

Other than that, it was fine, and I’m glad to have worked out, even if I would have preferred being out in the sun. Maybe in July, ho ho! Seriously, though, the 10-day forecast has some kind of rain listed every day except for one random Wednesday. Not that I’m asking for another heat dome, mind you!


Speed: 6.5
Incline: 3

Pace: 8:59/km (8:57/km)
Time: 44:59 (44:53)
Distance: 5.00 km (5.01 km)
Calories burned: 444 (423)
BPM: 130 (129)

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