Treadmill workout 152: Just generally avoiding getting wet

Today isn’t a workout day, but I did want to go for a pleasant afternoon walk to hit my exercise goal. As I prepared to don m walkin’ shoes, I noticed that it looked wet outside. Rain!

This is pretty normal for June, actually, so instead of waiting for the shower to pass, I jumped on the treadmill for a half hour of hands-free walking. It went fine, though I felt a bit wobbly at the start, having forgotten just how much leg power is needed to stay on the treadmill when you don’t cheat by hanging on with your hands.

The workout went fine otherwise, with stats very similar to the last workout, save for the expectedly lower BPM and calorie burn. I’ll celebrate with a giant tub of ice cream*!


Speed: 6.5
Incline: 3

Pace: 8:58/km (8:59/km)
Time: 30:06 (44:59)
Distance: 3.35 km (5.00 km)
Calories burned: 257 (444)
BPM: 122 (130)

* Kidding. I will have ice cream, though, just a small serving after dinner rather than the equivalent of an entire bathtub full of Neapolitan

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