Treadmill workout: totally casual

I was focused on other stuff today and skipped the Friday run, intending to catch up by doing a walk in the afternoon or something.

But I got too wrapped up and missed my window. Also, the weather was kind of lousy today–wet and cold, more like winter than spring–and so I found myself mid-evening faced with either a dark ‘n soggy walk, or hitting the treadmill.

I chose the latter, but took a decidedly casual approach, tweaking the speed down from 6.5 to 6.3 and just walking for about half an hour. All of the stats are slightly lower than the last workout, as expected, but I closed my rings and have assuaged the guilt of sitting on my butt for a good part of the day.

We’ll see if my Garmin watch yells at me in the morning for exercising so close to bedtime.


Speed: 6.3
Incline: 0

Pace: 9:39/km
Time: 30:11
Distance: 3.12 km
Calories burned: 218
BPM: 112

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