Walk 38: Route 66

I was really tired all day for some reason, despite getting what seemed to be a decent sleep last night, so I went for my walk/run with low expectations.

And surprised myself for running just over 2 km uninterrupted. Even better, my pace for both km was an even 6:00 minutes, which is not bad considering how flabby and out of shape I am. I could feel a hint of a cramp in my abdomen near the end, but it never happened. Of more concern was a reminder of the plantar fasciitis that I could feel about halfway through the running part. It never started to hurt, but I could feel where it did hurt last year and will proceed with caution should I feel it the next time I’m out. If there’s one injury you don’t want to aggravate, it’s one you’re still able to feel almost a year later.

Other than that, I am pleased with today’s effort. It was sunny, but in a nice, not make-you-sweat-buckets sort of way.


Walk 38
Average pace: 8:03/km
Location: Brunette River trail
Distance: 7.39 km
Time: 59:33
Weather: Sunny
Temp: 18ºC
Humidity: 40%
Wind: light
BPM: 128
Weight: 177.9 pounds
Total distance to date: 288.8 km
Devices: Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone 12

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