A dry run

Now that it is getting cooler out, the ol’ furnace is being fired up after a long summer slumber. As always, the air in my place dries out considerably when this happens and there’s a period of adjustment that lasts about a week where my throat gets a bit sore and my sinuses act up. It was under those conditions that I ran today, a day behind schedule.

As it turned out, they proved to be a non-factor. Under an overcast sky I ran my:

  • farthest distance: 6.65 km (previous: 6.6 km)
  • fastest overall pace: 5:17/km (previous: 5:19/km)

This marked the first time I made it well past the fountain (still not working) — I actually came close to the starting line, so that will be a future goal.

No remarkable incidents otherwise occurred during the run.

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