Fashion no-no’s

When wearing clothes is wrong.

  • Spandex + 400 pounds overweight. People will try rolling you back into the ocean to save you.
  • Button-up shirt + sweatpants. You know how well oil and water mix? This is the equivalent in clothing form.
  • Plaid shorts. Crossing a street while wearing plaid shorts can cause road rage. Scientists have proven this.
  • Leg warmers when your legs are not cold. Or ever.
  • Shorts + knee high black socks. This was the fashion back in 1887. It is no longer 1887.
  • Pants with the waist so low 80% of your “hip” boxer shorts are visible. I suspect this will eventually lead to a trend of wearing boxer shorts on the outside of pants.
  • Wearing more than three shirts at once.
  • That sweatshirt you keep tucking into your pants? Desist!

I’m joking, of course. I don’t really give a flying fig what people wear but if I did and had a blog and could complain about their lack of taste in clothing, I’d write…this post.

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