Run 863: Baby runner

View from Cariboo Dam, pre-run

Today was finally the day! After my last run on April 12th, I discovered a new (but not improved) Baker’s cysts behind my right knee, almost exactly a year after the last one. The training status for that run was Strained, which I found alarming. I had to take some time off, to let my right knee heal.

The bumpity-bump is still there, though it’s a tad smaller, and it doesn’t actually hurt or anything. The past week, I’ve been building up to running again by doing a series of exercise-type walks, working on more and more stretches of running. Today, I decided it was time to just run.

But then I balked, a bit. I opted, instead, to split my usual 5K run in two, doing a 2K today and a 3K on Friday and, assuming nothing explodes, implodes or falls off, I will resume regular 5K runs next week.

When I got to the lake, I found the parking lot was closed.

Weed whackers everywhere. Also the name of my upcoming autobiography.

As I did not come by car, nor am I a car myself, this was not an issue, but there was a guy on the trail near where I had wanted to start with a weed whacker, so my original plan of going counter-clockwise reversed to clockwise.

Although I felt trepidation, the run itself was fine. 2K seems really short. It’s just a little over 11 minutes, which feels like completing the warm-up part, then stopping. But I stuck to the plan. My first km was a brisk 5:35, then I slipped to 5:44/km, as the reality of running more than a few minutes hit me. My shins were tender to start, but as mentioned in the last walk-run post, this is normal for having not run in a long while.

But my BPM was a nice 150, the weather was pleasant, and I feel fine now. My training status went from Maintaining to Tempo, and after the walk back to the lake, is now back to Productive. Woo.

Random note: I tried to “fix” my sagging SPI-Belt (which I really ought to replace) by tying a knot into it and…it worked! It didn’t budge at all during the run. But I should still get a new one.

Semi-annual accidental photo. You can probably guess where I was at the time.


Run 863
Average pace: 5:38/km

Training status: Tempo
Location: Burnaby Lake (CW, short loop)
Start: 2:23 p.m.
Distance: 2:03 km
Time: 11:27
Weather: Sunny
Temp: 17°C
Humidity: 51%
Wind: light
BPM: 150
Weight: 170.5
Total distance to date: 6192 km
Devices: Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, iPhone 12, AirPods (3rd generation)
Shoes: HOKA Speedgoat 5 (332/618/950 km)

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