Silly snow

It started snowing yesterday around 1 p.m. and is still snowing at 10 a.m. the next day as I type this (though it is sputtering out at the moment).

I’ll update with more photos in a bit, but for now, the area has seen 20-30 cm of snow fall overnight, on top of a lot of snow already on the ground. Roads are a mess, the transit system is at a standstill, ferry sailings cancelled, flights from YVR delayed.

And it’s still not technically winter!

So instead of complaining, we drink hot chocolate, stay warm and wait for it to warm up, rain and wash it away.

We have some little lights installed outside, shining toward our unit. They are still working, deep inside a snow bank (shot through a window, so you can see my monitors reflecting:

Like some snow beast laying in wait…

And a short video Jeff shot on the SkyTrain this morning, before he gave up getting to work because the buses were completely absent. The trains, meanwhile, were accumulating snow…on the inside:

All aboard! If you can pry the snow-encrusted doors apart.

And some shots of the Brunette River, doing the winter wonderland thing.

Curvy snow:

Creative shovelling:

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