My wallet 2, Steam 1

GoG is not the only site having a sale as Steam rolled out its annual holiday offering yesterday. The sale runs until January 1st. Either my tastes have become more picky or I’ve already bought every damn game I want because two days into the sale and I have purchased nothing save for the DLC for Dungeons of Dredmor. It was on sale for 75% off, resulting in a price of 74 cents. Yes, 74 cents, less than the price of a cup of coffee (the go-to item for comparing how cheap something is).

There are a couple of titles I have my eye on that I will consider if the price is right but I’ve already passed on a lot of bargains. Who knew that Duke Nukem Forever would actually be released in 2011? Who knew that it would be such a crappy game that even a price of $4.99 isn’t low enough for me to check it out? Well, it’s possible some of the more honest developers who worked on the game had an inkling as to its relative value. I might bite at $2.49 (probably next summer’s sale price).

Other notable bargains I’ve passed on include Amnesia: The Dark Descent (by all accounts an excellent adventure game but also scary as all get-out and I play games to relax, not wind myself up), Quake 4 (wouldn’t mind having this on Steam but not for $9.99), The Witcher (already own it), various Half-Life 2 titles (own all of ’em, still haven’t finished Episode 1) and as they say, many more.

It’s clear people like their bargains, though, as the Steam store is still having intermittent issues and was mostly down over four hours after the sale started. Peak users was over 4.4 million. That’s a lot of people mulling over whether or not to buy Duke Nukem Forever at $4.99 (apparently quite a few did as it’s listed at #6 in today’s top 20 bestsellers).