WoW, a free weekend

This weekend World of Warcraft is free for previous players–like me!

I’ll probably poke around, but I think it will only remind me of how I hanker for a massively multiplayer game world that is like WoW, but somehow better. Less focused on combat, more focused on just doing stuff and exploring the world.

Or maybe I just want a good single player RPG.

On a semi-related note, I’ve had several dreams about City of Heroes (2004-2012) recently. This is weird because I pretty much never dream about games and nothing has happened lately to prompt me to have dreams about it. Maybe seeing Captain Marvel triggered the dreams. Maybe my brain is just weird and random.

I’ll report back on my WoW revisit after the weekend. I expect minor shenanigans at best.

More City of Heroes character shots

Here are a few more shots of some of my many City of Heroes characters.

Katanatron is a Katana/Ninjitsu stalker and has had many previous incarnations using different secondaries as a scrapper. Even though I have remade this character more often than most would change their socks, I’m confident this version is the one that will endure.

For now.

The previously linked Mint Laser, a Beam Rifle/Electric Manipulation blaster, now has a second more minty costume. Compare below!


And here’s an example of how ragdoll really isn’t working right in the game at the moment. That is one twisty torso.


Revisting old games, Part 93: City of Heroes

I recently jumped back into City of Heroes as it’s gone free-to-play and my vet status meant most of the game’s features were unlocked right up front. CoH is an MMORPG that launched in April 2004 and as anyone who has played one of these games will tell you, MMOs are designed to be massive time sinks. It gets even worse because the typical $15 monthly fee makes you feel obligated to login and do something even if you don’t particularly feel like it because, dammit, you’re going to get your money’s worth! That’s what’s nice about free-to-play (F2P) — you can play as little or as much as you like and saunter along at your own pace. There are usually some things you can’t do without paying (obviously the publisher needs to generate revenue somehow) but it’s easier to fork over $5-10 whenever you feel like it instead of being on the hook for $15 every month or no super hero (or villain) for you!

The best part of the game is probably still the character creator. Here are a few I’ve made recently, as making endless alts is pretty much a required part of the CoH experience. I’ll elaborate a bit on the game’s current incarnation in another post.

Punch Bull

Punch Bull continues the fine tradition of names based on terrible puns. He’s a level 20 super strength/willpower brute. His specialty is punching things really hard. As you can see, his main costume is a boxing outfit, a raging bull, if you will. His tail wags.

Mint Laser

My latest in a series of robot-like characters, Mint Laser is a level 20 beam rifle/electric manipulation blaster. His specialty is shooting things with extremely loud beams of energy. If those things get up in his grill he can switch to punching them with glowing fists of electricity.

His second costume will be something delightfully retro (and extra minty).

Frank Lee Feathered

Finally (for the moment) there is Frank Lee Feathered, a level 14 plant control/earth assault dominator. I originally had given him wings but I found them a bit distracting, so while he looks like an eagle he acts more like an ostrich. Further underlining that is the fact that most of the earth powers require him to be on the ground to work. His second costume will probably have wings.

More on how these kooky characters play and what the game is like with the hybrid F2P/subscription model soon™.