Drawing of the day, August 12, 2022: A line

Yes, I’m a day late to posting this, but I did it very late last night, so technically this may actually have been done today. As per this post, here is my first daily drawing. It’s a line. With commentary!

Unless otherwise stated, all of these daily drawings are done using Procreate on my 2020 12.9″ iPad Pro.

I noticed after the fact that I used the American spelling for “flavors” but the Canadian/UK spelling for “colours.” I’ll just claim I’m being fair to all regions.

Well, I couldn’t let it go. Here’s an updated version with consistent Canadian spelling and “artisanal” spelled properly, too:

Being creative and creating: Not the same!

The weekly Medium Edition newsletter highlighted a story on creativity that actually resonated with me. This is weird, because the bulk of stories they link are fine, but never strike a particular chord in me. I like to think I am a creative person, so perhaps I was more open to this piece.

Here it is:

“Not a day without a line”–The gentle discipline of drawing every day

The thesis is pretty simple: Draw a line every day. Don’t try to do more, don’t try to be perfect, just do a line, every day (or write a sentence every day or throw some clay, or whatever your creative pursuit happens to be). Emphasize quantity over quality and develop your skills without pressure to produce great art every time you sit down (or stand at your fancy sit/stand desk).

And I like that. I’m totally drawing a line today. I have been line-deficient for a few weeks now and it’s time to make amends. Or draw amends. Draw an amending line.

I’ll post the results later.

Daily Drawing 101: Hibiscus

At this point the daily part should be in quotes, because I am way behind.

I did three sketches of a hibiscus flower before finally looking for a very simple cartoon reference. The result is okay, but better than the proverbial kick in the pants.

I am pretty tired of work and I am pretty tired of drawing flowers. I’m beginning to think doing an entire month of a theme for prompts is maybe not the best idea. At least not for plants. 😛

Anyway, with lousy weather in the forecast I may have some time to catch up. We’ll see.


Daily Drawing 96: Autumn leaves

The maple leaf was sort of done with reference, the other one I just made up, though it probably looks like something. I’m no plantologist, so I can’t say. This was done using various water brushes and is about one billion times better than anything I ever did with real water paints.