Goose, drawn

I did this a few days ago, but never posted it. So now I am posting it! This is based on a photo I took at Reifel Bird Sanctuary in the past week.

This was mainly done using the 6B Pencil in Procreate, along with the Studio Pen.

Drawing of the day, August 16, 2022

Yes, I’m going to have to admit I have missed a day. Maybe I’ll try to do two in one day to catch up, but if not, here’s today’s all the same.

I’m looking to expand my collection of evil vegetables and as a kid, Brussels sprouts were regarded as quite evil. As an adult, I mostly still feel the same way.

I give you a Brussels sprout you never want to cross. I mostly like the look, but I’ll probably end up tweaking some aspects over time.

One odd bit is I decided to shift the bottom (the brown part) up, so it’s more visible. Logically, this makes the veggie look a little lopsided, but I kind of like the contrast it adds. I may change it later!

Drawing of the day, August 13, 2022

Another late night entry, so technically not actually late (I think).

I asked Nic for a prompt and he suggested a killdeer, since we saw killdeer on our Saturday birding. My photos were merely okay because the killdeer were pretty far away, so I used one as reference and did this quick sketch:

Killdeer, based on a photo I took at Boundary Bay, August 13, 2022