The best fortune cookie fortune ever

a person holding a fortune cookie
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From our Chinese food dinner last night. This is just absurdly delightful:

A routine will turn into an enchanting escapade.

My mind boggles at what this could entail. I wonder how doing laundry could become an enchanting escapade. I mean, it could happen! Somehow. Possibly.

Or I could be on a run and magically enter a delightful fantasy realm where the animals all sing together and have awesome harmony. In a universe of endless dimensions, it’s theoretically conceivable.

Wait, I may have figured it out. The fortune also gives six numbers to use in the lottery. Maybe my routine of buying lottery tickets will yield riches at long last. That would definitely lead to an enchanting escapade or two.

FAKE EDIT: I have purchased an additional Lotto 6/49 ticket using the provided six numbers. I consider it my charitable contribution for Christmas. Maybe the funds will help provide someone with an enchanting escapade, because now that I re-read the fortune, it doesn’t necessarily even refer to me, just that a routine–maybe someone else’s–will become an enchanting escapade.

We’ll find out on December 22nd!